A business website provided with City Connexion gets the following benefits.

  • SEO: NOT ALL SEO IS EQUAL. SEO is not a word we throw around lightly, SEO is considered in everything we do, and we don’t rely on just guess work. We follow guidelines set forth by  aka Yoast. This guy makes a living and is a known industry leader in SEO. SEO should come first before how your website looks, because it doesn’t matter how awesome your website is if no one can find you!
    Our SEO is geographically targeted for LOCAL markets. This means you won’t be getting flooded with calls from people far away from your business, reducing costs associated with bad SEO.
  • Reliability: We manage the updates, security, server health, 24/7 monitoring and other time consuming aspects of owning a website. You can sleep soundly knowing that we’ve got your back.
  • Social Promotion: With our distributed content syndication (Fancy talk for sending your updates to facebook automatically) you can relax and let computers work for you, the way they were intended to be used.  We see our service as a tool to make your life easier, and more productive so you can focus on your business, not working to get more work.
  • Mobile ready with Responsive design: check out our showcase and see for yourself.  All our websites automatically scale gracefully down to mobile and tablet versions. The mobile and tablet version of your website looks just like the full version with the fonts bigger and no “pinching” or scrolling that make visiting your website on the go a pain for visitors.
  • Easy theme options make branding your site to match your business a snap, that anyone could do with just a mouse.
  • Unlimited colors, layouts and design. Your imagination is the limit.
  • CSS and embeds: Use video services like youtube and vimeo to embed videos. Experts can use CSS for ultimate control of how the site looks.
  • Google Map integration is built in and all you need to enter is your address and you’re ready to go. Customers can find and get live directions to your business with their phone’s GPS instantly.
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