How much should a new website cost?

3 most common type of web developers

What we typically see when small business owners run into when trying to get their business online is difficulty knowing where to go, and how much they should pay for their small business’s website.There is a common trend we see in web development studios where they commonly tier into 3 levels of service providers. The top tier providers are very expensive, with sites ranging upwards to $40,000 for a medium business. These studios are usually very serious, skilled, but not flawless. (Nothing and no one is, so run away from anyone who says otherwise) But when you pay $16,000 you expect a return on your investment. What happens when the big studios fail? They fall back on those contracts you signed that state quality of work is not a guarantee of performance.

The next tier we see is the more common, $4000 – $8000 local web developers. These people are usually soloists, as you can’t really pay a team with these lower priced jobs. Their work thus reflects this, when they start loading up on clients and can’t keep up. Also, after the job is complete, they become much less responsive on the phone, and issue resolution is more a matter of just getting their clients off their back. After a few years they tend to fade away as new ones crop up in their place. Some do really great work, and some… not so great.

The other tier is the self serve and do-it-yourselfers out there. These people face some of the hardest choices, as they have more market research to do than they can handle, and hey, somewhere in there they have to run their business too, right? These are the people we desire to rescue from the headache and trials of creating a business website. Here’s how we can help: Our team is focused on creating a website service. Instead of just providing you with an empty space for a website, we provide the foundation for a successful website. We’ve stacked the deck in your favor by making it easy to the to day to day tasks of a website like, updating, and spreading the word about your business. If you don’t want to learn about setting the website up, we have team members in your area to help get you started. Our accelerated startup gets you a website within a week. You just answer a few questions about what kind of business you have, some photos of things you want to feature about you business, and your business’s logo and colors, and we will start the website for you. Then updating the website is a breeze because we separate the content from the style of your website.  Posting updates to your website is as easy as posting a new status update on any other social network.

how-to-business-websites and how much should it cost With the complexity of how to make your own business website simplified,
it’s easier than ever to successfully build your own brand identity online.

We’ve tried to think of everything, all our websites are responsive, (meaning they work very well on cell phones), are SEO revved up by Yoast, a search engine genius who seems like they have a hotline right into Google’s labs. In fact, you can see what your listing in Google would look like, while you are creating your new post or page! We have an Iphone and Android Apps that make updating your website as easy as sending a text message. We automatically syndicate your new posts to our business listing directory. This is another aid in getting your website found. It’s like a yellow pages for your area, included in all our plans.

With our service, you pay about the same as you would for a service provider just for empty space to put your website. But we offer our websites in an nontraditional way called a WaaS (Website as a Service)  We don’t try to impose limits between our different tiers of service, but more functionality. The only imposed limit is amount of upload space, which isn’t a concern for business owners who are trying to attract business. Because your success is our main goal, we know you will fall in love with our services. We’re very proud of what we’ve done so far (if you can’t tell) and we have plans to keep improving our service year after year.



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